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My goal in life is to help create a world where: 🌳 We live in harmony with nature 🧠 We have healthy minds 📚We all have equal access to education and opportunity. Right now, I'm working to create this world through building the Impact Alliance!

{Start Here} Working Group Initial Concept + Action Steps

Hey All! So excited to have you here. So, to introduce this working group:

Next Actions: 

Problem: The impact funding ecosystem isn't working great for funders or entrepreneurs. 

  • There are a bunch of brilliant social entrepreneurs with great ideas that can't execute because they can't access funding. 
  • Investors find it difficult to actually know if they're making impact, and continually struggle with deal flow + waste time listening to pitches from entrepreneurs who aren't ready for funding. 
  • Donors and grant-creating organizations also find it hard to ensure the success of ventures they fund, and don't have the systems to start measuring impact. 
Note - if there are details or points I've overlooked in the problem, pls post in the comments below! 

(Potential) Solution: 

A Platform To Nurture Ventures Equitably and the Capital that Helps Them Grow. 

Why a working group? 

Because we need to collaborate to build a new investment paradigm. This can't be built in silos. 

Your Next Actions: 

Feel free to post feedback, questions, or general excitement below this post 😄

First Clarity Meditation is This Wednesday 10am MST!

Just wanted to make sure you all were aware of our first clarity meditation. I love starting my days off with a clear mind, it makes everything flow better - so I wanted to share this with you all on a weekly basis. 

You can RSVP here

Any other ideas or needs for events, meditations, or content around health and productivity? Let me know below 🙏🏼
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